Exploring a Liberty Lifestyle

Change is inevitable. The one constant in life is, ironically, change. The current US lifestyle seems rather doomed. We must explore new approaches to virtually every aspect of life.

Pirl Culture is meant to be an exploration of some possible ways in which we, and our society and culture, may experience metamorphosis toward lives that are more fulfilling, healthier, and more natural–which will, inevitably, be better for the earth.

We will be looking at the lives of our recent ancestors, at new innovations in energy, agriculture, architecture, and health, and at human needs that ought not be denied; among them liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We invite you to participate via comments and experimentation. If you have successes in gardening, animal husbandry, sewing, artistic expression (including film and music), breaking conventional energy dependence, parenting, leaving the current health (sick) care system, or living free of and / or outside of “the system,” please share. Send me photos and stories via email, or post them as comments.