Dog Lovers, Beware of Sharia Law

Woman attacked for walking furry friends who are considered “unclean” according to Islamic aggressors

A Viennese woman was attacked because her walking of her dogs was offensive to Islamic immigrants. “Surely that was an isolated incident,” you are probably thinking. While not a lot of people have been attacked for walking dogs — yet — there are other issues arising between Muslims and dog owners.

Some Islamic taxi drivers refuse to transport people with service dogs. This has been an issue for some time, as this article, originally written a few years ago (the first incidence listed occurred in 1997) and regularly updated, indicates. In January of 2016 one driver put a pregnant woman and her service dog out on the sidewalk because he was offended by her dog.

Pregnant woman ejected from cab because driver offended by service dog

Those are just a few examples revealed by a quick search. If you’re curious, explore it for yourself.

But, evidently, along with uncovered female skin, female orgasms, woman-owned businesses, homosexuals / gays, drinking beer, gays drinking beer, and many other aspects of everyday American life, Muslims are offended by your favorite li’l furry friends, considering them unclean. So, Dog Lovers, even if you’ve been cool with women being suppressed and oppressed, with gays being thrown off roofs, and with random stabbings, gang rapes in schools, festival rape attacks and trucks used as weapons against “infidel” pedestrians, maybe now you will be able to recognize the threat to American life and Western law that we are warmly welcoming into our towns, streets, and halls of justice.

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