In Sympathy for the Crusades: Remember When the Moops Invaded Spain?

We used hold the Crusaders in disdain. They viciously attacked the poor Muslims. But now we are (at least I am) beginning to understand why. They invaded sovereign nations and tried to cuckold and displace the Europeans living there. You can learn a (very) little about that from George Costanza:

I’ve been sufficiently brainwashed by my education–supplemented by PBS & Hollywood–to feel that the Crusaders were way off-base in invading the Middle East to attack Muslims. But now I’m not so sure they were. In fact, seeing how radical Muslims infiltrate a society and subtly–yet viciously–take it over, I’m not even so sure anymore that the Spanish Inquisition was as extremely evil as I have come to believe.

Why were they so stirred up? Were the Crusaders simply bored second sons of noblemen with nothing better to do, as some sophisticated dramas imply? Were they bloodthirsty murderers in search of the next victim like Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula)? Or were they justified in chasing the Moors back to the Middle East and trying to free the Holy Land?

I’m not sure. But I think the possibility deserves consideration.

There are PLENTY of videos of European women being savagely raped by Muslim men. I can’t bring myself to watch them, so I’m not going to expect you to, Dear Reader. But this article about rape gangs taking over Austria will show you a rabbit hole, and if you want to go down it to investigate the very darkest realities of this issue, feel free to proceed from here.

If your sister, or your girlfriend, or wife was raped by an Islamic “Refugee” (who just happens to be of military age and just happens to have sworn to exterminate the Infidel), how might you feel? What might you do? OK, you love peace, so maybe the first time you let it go by. Maybe the second time too. Then your friend’s sister commits suicide because she was raped by a “refugee” and nobody defended her or vindicated her.

BOOM: you’re a Crusader!

Could it be that simple? I think so.

Yes, history has been shaped by the movement of peoples. Weak people lose their land; strong people take over the land of weak people. Sure, it happens–and no less because we live in the “modern age”. See, you think you live in the modern age. But the refugees (aka Islamic invaders), well, they know they live on the long timeline of human history, and they act accordingly, employing invasion techniques that proved successful (somewhat at least) ‘way back in the Dark Ages. [Of course this time they don’t realize they are being used as Globalist pawns on a chessboard to displace free people, who can be hard to dominate, with themselves, who are well accustomed to following authoritarian leaders.]

OK, I get that you’re not likely to become a Crusader. But what is a reasonable response? Do you continue to roll out the red carpet and hang signs that say “Refugees Welcome”? Do you surrender quickly and allow the stronger (or more violent) to wrench your land, culture, children, and future from you?

Or do you become a Crusader and drive them out?

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