A POTUS of Biblical Proportions

Have you ever read the Book of Judges?

Yes, yes, I know, the image shows Moses, not one of the Judges. That’s just for fun. And because even people who haven’t read the Book of Judges can recognize Moses as being a Biblical figure.

So if you’ve ever read the Book of Judges, you might recognize some of the similarities between Donald J Trump and many of the Judges. But, for the sake of time, I’m only going to focus on one of the Judges, whom I think is most relevant in a point I wish to make; that one is Gideon.

Now, you might think that if you were in trouble, having your crops and lands destroyed on a regular basis, you would welcome a deliverer who would triumph over your enemies. History often proves something different. Current responses to Donald J Trump prove something different as well. He comes, announcing that he wants to restore industry & give back the wealth of the American people that has been stolen from us, and people hate him; people are afraid of him; people call him a racist nazi homophobic xenophobe. Some people even tweet that they want him dead. Some very public figures announce in some very public forums that they want him dead. If you have read the Book of Judges, you might expect as much.

One of Gideon’s first assignments in his deliverer role was to destroy an altar to a pagan god. He successfully did that, though he did it at night because he wasn’t quite as bold as Donald Trump, and he knew there would be repercussions–and there were. In the morning the men of the place wanted to know who had destroyed the altar because they were fully prepared to kill the person who had.

Does that sound familiar–at all? Every thing Donald Trump tries to do for the American people seems to trigger someone or some niche special interest group, many of whom are sponsored by the arch enemy of truth, justice and the American way, George Soros.

Significant times–times in which the future is in the balance–require significant people. A Deliverer has arisen on behalf of the American People, and on behalf of Free People everywhere. Yet he is hated and many wish him dead, just as the townspeople wished Gideon dead when he tore down the altar (if you will, the old failed ways of doing things).

People often love their bondage (you can read that word ‘sin’) and they’d rather have an excuse to fail than a means to succeed. A deep discussion of self-sabotage and a sense of unworthiness of WINNING is outside the scope of this blog. So is denigrating people who have endured long struggles without reward.

Suffice it to write that deliverers of Biblical proportion are often hated. But if they live long enough, they can serve to do marvelous things for those they are sent to deliver.

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