Apr 10

Planning for Survival Communities


People I deeply trust are warning quite seriously about the imminent collapse of the dollar. We feel civilized, but the veneer of our “civilized” industrialized first world lifestyle seems to be thinning, stretched almost to the breaking point.

Preparing for survival conditions is never a bad idea. Communities can face challenges from natural influences such as earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, even assuming the US and world are able to recover from the current political and moral malaise.

The documents included here are mostly intended to spark thought and begin dialog between you and those near you with whom you would feel comfortable in a survival community: a group of people who work together to survive the worst and, eventually, thrive. Community members can be family, neighbors and friends. Going through the process of considering some challenges and skills that can serve to help meet those challenges can help to identify people who might be desirable in a survival community.

If people come to mind as you consider these ideas, maybe you can invite them to meet, to discuss some of these ideas, and, if people are willing, to fill out the human resources assessments. Naturally, physical resources must be assessed as well, but I think it will be helpful to identify specific people who can evaluate specific needs, and resources with which to address those needs.

May GOD give you wisdom as you consider these issues.

Human Resource Assessment

Suggestions for Assessing Your Survival Community

Community Assessment

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