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Sep 19

One Reason People Want To Live in Rural Areas:

In the middle of a hurricane, what do city dwellers LOOT? Sneakers, of course…

Aug 28

From Natural News: Medical cannabis use found to dramatically decrease reliance on addictive prescription medications

Medical cannabis use found to dramatically decrease reliance on addictive prescription medications

Jul 18

Dog Lovers, Beware of Sharia Law

A Viennese woman was attacked because her walking of her dogs was offensive to Islamic immigrants. “Surely that was an isolated incident,” you are probably thinking. While not a lot of people have been attacked for walking dogs — yet — there are other issues arising between Muslims and dog owners. Some Islamic taxi drivers …

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Mar 26

Should the Seeing Be Content to Lead the Blind or Open Their Eyes Instead?

This week a pastor whom I generally respect wrote a blog stating that Holy Spirit told him not to be an activist, because activism implies an effort / desire to control people. He wrote that he was aware that “activists” would be disturbed and disagree. While I agree that our goal in speaking and writing …

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Mar 21

Cuban Missiles, Rows of Tombstones & Hiding under Desks: a Boomer’s Primer on the Ruskie Threat for Millennials Scared of Russia

Growing up in the 1960s our parents and grandparents and teachers had a recent memory of nuclear bombs actually going off, being used to kill people. Everybody was terrified of nuclear war: terrified. As if the memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t enough to keep everybody traumatized by fear, we had yet another concern added …

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Feb 22

In Sympathy for the Crusades: Remember When the Moops Invaded Spain?

We used hold the Crusaders in disdain. They viciously attacked the poor Muslims. But now we are (at least I am) beginning to understand why. They invaded sovereign nations and tried to cuckold and displace the Europeans living there. You can learn a (very) little about that from George Costanza: I’ve been sufficiently brainwashed by …

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Feb 20

A POTUS of Biblical Proportions

Have you ever read the Book of Judges? Yes, yes, I know, the image shows Moses, not one of the Judges. That’s just for fun. And because even people who haven’t read the Book of Judges can recognize Moses as being a Biblical figure. So if you’ve ever read the Book of Judges, you might …

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Feb 12

How Daddy Issues Threaten the Future of the US Republic

What is it that really troubles people about Donald Trump?

Feb 08

Is An ELF Shower Making You Emotionally Dirty?

…Darrell Hamamoto has some thoughts on that subject. He believes that we are actually being beamed…

Aug 03

If You Didn’t Have to Work for Sustenance…

If you didn’t have to work for sustenance, what work would you do for gratification? We Americans who are desperately hoping our country can be restored understandably have a fairly short focus these days. We want to get through the presidential elections without losing any semblance of the country the framers of the Declaration had …

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