Putting It Together

Spider's Web
Get Free!

How does all of this impact YOU? You are a little fly caught in a web, with a spider closing in. The good news is, there are more flies than spiders–by a long shot–so don’t give up hope.

You need to be able to see the spider, aka known as the illuminati. Your subconscious is so traumatized by the possibility that something this wretched and this evil exists that it will try to block out the reality in order to protect you. Use your conscious mind and THINK. Decide what makes sense; what is real. Like Neo, be bold and take the red pill. LOOK at facts and process them objectively to see what they mean and what TRUTH they point to.

End Game will help you see the big-picture plan, and understand what part of the plan is currently being played out.

Lindsey Williams, a Baptist pastor who ministered to the elite, knows and discloses the “big picture” plans

Here’s a video about how our subconscious tries to block out what it perceives as harmful or inexpedient:

Once you see the big picture you will understand some action is required of you. Help your friends and family to wake up, and prepare your family for emergencies. Click for some ideas on that

This vid expresses the ideas of government and the need for a Republic better than any other I have ever seen:

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  • JFK and RFK’s family had deep pockets and so would not have been beholden to the globalists. If they can’t control someone, they have to eliminate them.

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