Racism / Rothschild Zionism

United we stand; divided we fall. Remember the grasshoppers and ants in A Bug’s Life? The grasshoppers were terrified that the ants would figure out that there were many more of them and, if united in purpose, they could easily resist and overthrow the grasshoppers.

Those who wish to divide us know how to make us fear one another so we will at least be divided, and at most try to destroy one another. Thus the reign of the grasshoppers (evil controllers) continues.

Perfect love casts out all fear! That includes fear of all races and creeds.

Love can unite and save mankind. “Beloved, let us love one another…”

Ferguson: Race Bating for Power & Profit

Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Is A “Vulgar, Vile, Vicious, Slimy Movement”

A Word about Zionism:
Those who wish to claim Israel for the remaining Jews forget an essential piece of Hebrew history: only the tribe of Judah, with part of the tribes of Benjamin and Levi, returned from the Babylonian captivity (about 400 years before JESUS was born). Why would only one and bits of two other tribes presume to claim the land that had been given to the twelve tribes?

I suppose one could claim those lands for all the sons of Abraham. But if we allow that, then the lands must be inhabited by the sons of Ishmael and Esau as well.

An October 2015 Veteran’s Today article which puts many puzzle pieces together: American Terror Machine Exposed, Checkmated and Decimated in Syria