Food Supply

In the US industry was challenged and defeated some time ago. Our manufactured goods come from China and other parts of the world. I challenge you to try to find a coffee pot, a stereo, or even a pair of shoes that is made in the US. But until recently we still had agriculture, and were considered the “breadbasket of the world” or something like that.

Agriculture in the US is now under serious attack. Water in one of the most fertile regions of the country, the California Valley, has been diverted away from farmland in order to preserve one variety of smelt. So we are forced to become dependent upon other nations for our food supply so a FISH may survive.

The orchards are dying, along with the farms  🙁

There are other issues as well. Jesse Ventura reported that millions upon millions of gallons of the US’ best fresh water are being towed to China in giant balloons pulled across the ocean behind tankers.

In the 1980s there were films about the plight of the American farmer and in the 1990s we heard a lot about factory farms taking over family farms. We don’t hear much about agriculture anymore, except that cows fart greenhouse gases. But I do happen to notice that lots of the produce I buy is from Chile, Mexico and other such places.

Meanwhile our nation is portioned off and sold out. With virtually no industry and waning agriculture we, like the South without industry in the Civil War, will become extremely vulnerable.

A nation must have industry and agriculture. We have less and less of both.

This vid targets environmentalists without seeing the bigger picture of the elitists purposely debilitating agriculture in the US to bring about more dependence on Mexico and other foreign countries for ALL of our food.