Church / Charity

Faith is a refuge for many, and the human heart is created with a need to commune with God. Even this aspect of human existence is manipulated by the evil elite in order to establish and further tighten their control.

Those who wish to control society have established control mechanisms to trap every sort of person. If you are already broken, they can snare you with addictions, gambling, prostitution and the like. If you are kindhearted and generous, they have devised many charities, churches and do-gooder societies where you can feel fulfilled. Except for God’s rich grace and mercy that are always abundant and accessible, anything which comes easily is suspect. Can you feel better about yourself by throwing 10% into a collection plate? Good! There is a system for that. Does rescuing animals make you happy? Good! You can join a society that will welcome your money. Do you love the earth, and pine for a protected environment? Step right up and empty your pockets with a carbon tax!

Do you see where I am going with this? True faith is a love relationship between you and God. He is Father. Yes, you have brothers and sisters, and, yes, you flow in love relationships with them too. But you don’t live to please them. You weren’t created for their pleasure. You were created for HIS pleasure.

We tend to want to reinforce our identity through associating with others. This is natural and not necessarily wrong, but if we relegate our own decision making process to others around us we will be even more vulnerable than normally to deception. This Truther Girls vid is excellent on many levels and deciding where to place it was difficult, because it has relevance to many issues discussed here. I am placing it on this page because Sonja is sharing some thoughts that are essential to our internal integrity–which allows us to stand firm when others are rocked.