Progress and Stifled Technology

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Have you ever wondered why there is a new and better TV that comes out every few months, but we still use electricity generated from oil? In school we learned how barbaric it was to use whale oil for light, heat and the like. Is using petroleum any less barbarous?

Technology should advance more quickly than it is allowed to. In the film Tucker a trial was portrayed, in which a businessman testified that innovation that is not in response to competition is uncalled for, and, in fact, bad business practice. This is the mentality that has governed scientific and technological progress in our current reality.

You are still paying outrageous electrical bills and pumping gas into your car because innovation that would effect real change upon the quality of your life has been blocked. Those who wish to control us consider us prey to be directed and managed. If they can control our sources of energy they can more easily control our movements and our behavior. France is 85% energy independent because they use nuclear generators for power. Have you heard of any major explosions in those plants in France? That’s because there haven’t been any. In this country we have been manipulated into fearing nuclear energy, which, when properly administered, is safe, clean and smart. We have been manipulated into fearing many things which have the potential to make our lives significantly richer, safer, free-er and more satisfying.

If you do a Google search for murdered scientists you will find a list of hundreds of scientists who died under very mysterious circumstances. “Scientists who were persecuted for their beliefs” as the little boy in Signs says. Tesla was one great pioneer who was opposed and stifled. Consider the impact his work might have had on the way we live our lives.

Some of the most dramatic information about advanced tech is coming from Corey Goode, who represents himself (and I for one believe him) as a Secret Space Program whistleblower

Dr. Steven Greer is also a good reference for ET / advanced technology information