Pearls of Liberty March 2, 2013

Twitterbots, borg-esque rats, ‘sequestration’, Rothschilds insatiable greed, funny FB fotos, jury nullification and the question of Obama’s pending arrest are all subjects we dive into head first in this week’s edition of Pearls. Enjoy!

Obama Twitterbots Create the Appearance of Gun Control Support

Pentagon’s DARPA Researchers Learn to Control Rats’ Brains over Internet

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Bank

AP Kills Word ‘Sequestration’ (‘Ain’t’ ain’t a word)

Ron Paul Says ‘Sequester’ Is a Fear Tactic

Americans See Biggest Monthly Income Drop in Twenty Years

Obama’s Arrest Update

We Are Mark Schmidter

Bye Bye Dollar; Putin New G20 President Elect

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