Pearls of Liberty February 23, 2013

Peeling Away Layers

I. Food Dangers

A. Chinese “organic” food products

1. Assume someone is slowly poisoning you with food & make choices from there

2. Sabotage of organic products (such as contaminated peanut butter)

a. Dilution / alteration (attempted sabotage of GT Dave’s, pur -chase of some organic brands by Coke, Pepsi, etc.)

B. Strange flesh; fish, horse, “beef” from sewage

C. Media horsemeat hype distraction from more significant issues–like the Church-sanctioned pedophilia?

II. Global “Re-set” Front for Rolling Out NWO?

A. Brief window in which we insist on real change

III. Rampant High-Level Pedophilia

A. Catholic Church

B. British government / Jerry Saville

C. Bob Hope, Project Monarch & Blackmail

IV. Race Alienation

A. Jews; while many jews are of Khazarian descent rather than Semitic, and Israel is the Roth schild seat of power, hating / targeting Jewish people is counterproductive to the cause of liberty

B. Mexicans; while Mexican border policy and pressure in Mexico that causes Mexicans to seek a new homeland is intended by people at the top to destroy America, blaming Mexican immigrants for problems in the US is a failure to identify the true issues, not cutting deep enough

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