Pearls of Liberty February 9, 2013

Pearls of Liberty February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year; Year of the Snake

I. Be Wise As Serpents

A. Christians believe something that is said by a leader once or twice and repeat it as Gospel

1. Other Christians believe it and repeat it as Truth

B. Flawed reasoning

1. Leaders can be misled

2. Leaders can intentionally mislead for gain or blackmail

3. Doctrine can be crafted at high levels to lead groups / movements astray

a. Idea about Revolutionary War being wrong based on what Paul said about slaves obeying masters

II. PTSD Is Not a Disorder

A. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a disorder at all. It is a perfectly healthy reaction by a mentally stable person who is exposed to horrors and atrocities.

B. Unprecedented number of soldier suicides

C. Mental disorders among Iraq veterans

III. Obama Impeachment Proceedings Scheduled for March

IV. Paper Route Ladies Shot by Police in SoCal

V. Asteroid

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