Pearls of Liberty December 15, 2012

Pearls of Liberty December 15, 2012

I. School Shooting

A. Wako

Here’s a list of the 21 dead children from the school/daycare center. No, not in Newtown, CN but rather Waco, TX, 4-19-93. The most horrific murder of children in Amurika was performed not by crazed, civilian psychopaths with guns but by the federal gov’t in the form of the FBI. This is just a list of those under the age of 16. Lest we forget.
Lisa Martin 13 Sheila Martin, Jr. 15 Rachel Sylvia 12 Hollywood Sylvia 1 Joseph Martinez 8 Abigail Martinez 11 Crystal Martinez 3 Isaiah Martinez 4 Audrey Martinez 13
Melissa Morrison 6 Chanel Andrade 1 Cyrus Koresh 8 Star Koresh 6 Bobbie Lane Koresh 2 Dayland Gent 3 Page Gent 1 Mayanah Schneider 2 Startle Summers 1
Serenity Jones 4 Chica Jones 2 Little One Jones 2

B. US “Peacekeeping” innocents killed

C. Jon Rappoport: “Nobody interviews the doctor”

II. Jump on Alex Jones

A. Alex under fire

II. Banking Changes

A. Arrests & frozen accounts
American Kabuki Article
Removing the Shackles Arrests & Resignations

B. Leo Wanta

C. Neil Keenan

III. Spirituality Leading up to 12-21-2012

A. Releasing love

1. Don’t provide demon food / negative emos

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