Pearls of Liberty December 8, 2012

Pearls of Liberty December 8, 2012

I. Fiscal Cliff

A. Generate fear so taxes accepted

B. Global financial reset: soon?

II. Lawless America / Walter Burien vid

Stephan Molyneux vid:

III. GMO Labeling

A. Controlled opposition

B. Jon Rappoport’s Blog on the subject

IV. Verizon Patent Application 2-Way DVR


V. Lindsey Williams: “Learn How to Be Your Own Doctor”


VI. US Oil Development

A. Lindsey Williams: “Obama resisting development”

1. Holding out for more $ ?

B. Fulford: deals made between Big Oil and others

1. Japan: withhold tech & release slowly over 100 years

2. US oil / NG development as opposed to ME

a. Need for $ in US

VII. Keshe’s Tech Available to Individuals / Companies

A. Article on Keshe Tech Release

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