Pearls of Liberty October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

I. Anniversary of Clean Water Act October 18, 1972 (see and and )

A. No municipalities, states or other government entities are lawfully observing it

B. Because it is a very high level of law, failing to uphold the Act nullifies oaths of office

1. This means holders of public office can be relieved of their duties (see additional notes below this outline)

II. Channelling: Galactic Federation?………Archangel Michael?………….Who?

A. Spokesman who believed he was channelling good aliens learned he was channelling bad aliens

B. Ventures into the realm of the spirit can invite deception

The Beautiful Side of Evil

III. Bible-based Spirituality Questioned

A. Reminiscent of effect of denominational seminaries financed by Rockefellers

1. Miraculous aspects of Scripture called into question

2. Erosion of foundations of Christian faith

IV. ME War & Keshe Foundation Letter
(see )

A. Fulford’s Turkey info: return of the Ottoman Empire?

V. USD Going to UST Notes?

A. The well-versed threat of financial collapse

B. Rumor of new $$$ with Obama’s picture on it

Failure to Comply with the Clean Water Act of 1972 Is Grounds for Removal from Office

The Clean Water Act is an instrument that allows prosecution of corrupt officials stepping outside of their bounds. Instrument that can be used to take officials who are not following the Constitution, trampling rights and prosecute them. Until we have the ability to take action & stand up say “You are violating the constitution and you are going to be prosecuted accordingly”

Water reclamation technology developer who could make possible compliance with the Clean Water Act was shut down by all city officials.

Los Osos has no sewer system. 43 randomly selected citizens were slapped with fines. Tom Murphy came to solve issues with city of Los Osos. Technology was put in, and worked, but it was swept under the rug and condemnation of homes was threatened.”

They have the iron clad method to be able to go after corrupt individuals / officials who have sworn an oath to Constitution and are not: Clean Water Act. Fifteen federal actions filed in two states to give an opportunity to Los Osos to respond. Cities and govs protect waste water because 50% of city income is derived from water & waste water: $500 trillion / year” Clean Water Act: it is unlawful to take pollutants and let them migrate from property.

Tom Murphy was looking for ways to manage waste. In 1988 he developed a process (he holds several patents) that is biologically based. One tank performs the whole process, from a small household to millions of gallons. The process recovers alkalinity from wastewater and eliminates nitrate discharges. He has made the plans free, with no expectation of profit on this technology.

Three groups oppose the technology: American Bar Assn. who include judges & courts, civil engineers and bankers. The residual of what Kennedy did led to the development of environmental laws. This led to centralized sewers, which was the method thought to be the right one to handle waste management. But sewer lines break so you have an underground drain field. Nitrogen & ammonia first kill plankton. PH of ocean has dropped from 8.9 to 8.6, a whole step. The Clean Water Act is a strict liability statute (doesn’t matter if you didn’t know you were violating the law: no defense).

Intention is to prosecute criminals. Municipal bonds could potentially collapse due to this technology. US Marshall, Coastguard, and Sheriffs could be called upon to enforce the Clean Water Act. If you do what’s lawful and proper, they have to respond.

To control people all you have to do is control water, but this technology means water can’t be controlled. Taking away used water deprives people of the benefit of that water.

Government is the wastewater industry of America and they do not wish to surrender their monopoly.

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