Pearls of Liberty September 29, 2012

September 29, 2012 / Festival of Booths

I. Desecration of Public Property via Chalk

A. Napa lady facing charges; October trial date

II. Amber Lyon CNN Whistleblower

A. Bahrain truth

III. Privacy Reminders

A. “Truthers” being set up

1. RJ Hender Morning Liberty

2. Barbarian Rebellion YT channel

3. Strange check in our mail
B. Facebook blocking notifications WRT political discussions

IV. Bank Cyber Attacks

A. Related to IQD RV & new financial system?

V. Waiting for Freedom; Accept No Substitutes

A. Jon Rappoport

1. Blank sheet of paper; draw what you will

B. Richard Gazowski

VI. Fulford Update

A. US Corporation fiscal year ends tomorrow: changes imminent?

US Corporation as opposed to US Republic & The Constitution

“See the world the way that it really is, see yourself in it, and walk your walk”

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