Pearls of Liberty September 22, 2012

September 22, 2012

I. Federal Reserve Protests

A. Held today throughout the nation

II. Weapons / Drug Trafficking by US Gov

A. Fast & Furious Ian Garland update

B. Jon Rappoport “legalized” illegal drugs blog this morning

1. Cathy Obrien used as drug “mule” for government operatives in 1980s

III. Tim Turner Indicted

A. NESARA post on the 17th claimed CW resigned (treat as rumor) NESARA article

1. Resignation related to arrest?

B. Justice Dept. docs dated September 18

IV. Liberty People & the False L / R Paradigm

V. Symptom & Disease (Heal Thyself)

A. Individual health

B. Where our nation stands

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