Pearls of Liberty September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

I. Al CIA Da & Libya

A. Contrived conflict between Jews / Christians and Muslims

1. Islamophobia fire constantly fanned

B. Michael Rivero video & “hate hype”

C. Doug Hagmann Article

1. Exploiting the Uranus – Pluto square

II. QE 3 = Bailout

A. Engineered economic collapse

1. Swap of Euros for Dollars a few weeks ago

B. American Kabuki history lesson & gold
New Tomorrow with further info

C. Max Keiser commentary vid:

III. Struggle for Global Financial Control & Fulford Report

A. Japanese leader dead & Chinese leader who refused to meet with Hillary missing

B. 311 Fukushima was a terror attack

IV. Proposition 37 & GMOs

A. GMOs = eugenics

B. Health Ranger vid shows how GMOs impact organ function

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