Pearls of Liberty September 8, 2012

I. Drought / Chemtrails / Food Shortages September 8, 2012

A. Farmers said grain silos are empty that would normally be 2/3 full by now

B. Michael J. Murphy producer, of Why in the World Are They Spraying, discussed the com plete coverage of the Northern Pacific with chemtrails through the summer

1. Less evaporation = less moisture = less rain = drought = famine

II. Japan out of Money by November

1. Forced to buy US bonds when China sold them

2. Japan out of money

III. Latin American Liberty from Bankers beginning with Argentina

A. Argentina instituted austerity measures, paid off their debt, and filed lawsuits

1. Now they are helping other South American countries

2. Global News and Views Blog

IV. Ideologically Bankrupt Political Parties Are Emperors with No Clothes

1. Unless we acknowledge the nakedness we can’t advance

V. Patriot Groups

A. Allowance of private associations is litmus test

B. The leadership quandary

1. A great system can be hijacked by a misdirected leader

2. People–particularly Christians–have been trained to obey leaders

a. Discipleship training

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