You Have Your Own Ruby Slippers

I have been feeling more optimistic than usual the last couple of days. So has Don.

I pondered this as I went for my morning walk: why? Are we getting beamed or sprayed with happy vibes so the people of the US feel good during the Dem convention and believe the rosy speeches?

Or could we have a substantial reason for feeling more joy, and be aware of this on some fundamental level?

We–meaning Don and me and our patriot / liberty friends, not the royal we–have pursued many avenues down which we believed we might at last arrive at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe these are our God-given rights.

For years we Americans have sought the help of wizards. We have looked to politicians and we have promoted those we believed would help us achieve our goals. We have looked to bankers, and bent over backward to win good FICO scores, which we have believed would make it possible for us to enrich our lives. We paid dearly to educators who we believed would advance us and make us wise. We have worshiped sports heroes, entertainers, and even pastors who we believed would lead us to some sort of promised land: Kansas?

But wizards, even wizards with the best of intentions (and many have evil intentions), are powerless to help us in any significant way. The Wizard of Oz threw his best idea at getting Dorothy home, but she remained stranded.

Just as the power was always with Dorothy in her ruby slippers, the power to live as free humanity lies with us: US, you and me and the people down the street.

We don’t need bankers to get money. Value is generated from the work you and I do with our hands, and we can channel that value into that which we need and want by mutual agreement (private contract) between individuals, with no middle man to exploit.

We don’t need governments to re-apportion wealth and resources, skimming a huge chunk off the top. We can choose to do good with our life force–which is the true basis of all wealth.

We don’t need college degrees that leave us qualified for nothing, and the accompanying loans that siphon off the life force of our youth. We can learn through independent study, and qualify ourselves through excellence.

We don’t need celebrities to show us how to live. Most of their lives are in shambles anyway. Why would we pattern ourselves after them? The desire we have to touch greatness is meant to compel us to seek our Creator, and we can do that on our own, because He has revealed that He desires interaction with us.

We don’t need wizards.

We don’t need anybody between us and our lives. We don’t need anybody between us and our loved ones. We don’t need anybody to take us to the next level. They won’t do it. Even if they want to, they often don’t have the power.

The ruby slippers were on Dorothy’s feet. The power to be who you want to be and live how you want to live lies with you, because you have God-given free will, and Christ-won abundant life. When you join with others who are aware that they also have the power to be who they want to be and live how they want to live, you will change your world; you will change the world.

I don’t really think the Dems are beaming Don and me with joy beams. I think we are beginning to rejoice at hearing louder every day a little voice whisper in our ears, “The power lies with you”. And we are beginning to believe it.


But here’s an afterthought: The Roman Empire was instituting the monetary control system that triggered the dark ages at roughly the same time that Jesus was sharing His Gospel message. In simple terms, at the time that God was planting liberty seeds, the devil was planting oppression seeds. The plants that sprung from those seeds have sprouted, and are now coming to maturity, so that they can be recognized, which plants are from which seeds.

Learning to tell the difference is like clicking your heels together. Soon you will find yourself free.

With love & prayers,

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