Pearls of Liberty August 25, 2012

I. Power Struggle August 25, 2012

A. Poofness, Fulford and others claim victory is near

B. No terror at Olympics, no west coast / Australia earthquake / tsunami, no revaluation of the VND

II. Accounting vs Creativity, and the Theft of Life Force

A. Changes in the name of customer service deprive customers of service

1. Systems

B. Rome & accounting

1. Frank O’Collins

2. Accounting is control

3. Accounting is the enemy of true productivity

III. Tony Scott Death

A. No apparent reason for “suicide” even in notes, and no illness

B. Did Coma reveal too much?

1. Eyes Wide Shut & Kubrick death

IV. Margin Call

We didn’t mention this in our vid, but we consider it to be one of the very significant current liberty issues

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