Pearls of Liberty August 11, 2012

I. Patriot Myths

A. Alex Jones yesterday; comments on mortgage fraud
Full Infowars vid from Friday

B. We have been lied to for so long that when we begin to perceive truth it eludes us

1. We can be easily misled
a. Solutions like life rafts in this story?
“No loss of life” Acts 27 ge/?search=Acts+27:22&version=NKJV Paul had urged them not to sail, but they ignored his warning. He prophesied to them that they must all stay on the ship in order to reach safety, and the commanders cut away the lifeboat when some sailors tried to escape
b. Might God oppose alternative solutions?

C. Tension between words and power

1. Paul the Apostle wrote about the difference between functioning in word and functioning in power
a. 1 Corinthians 4:20
For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. Corinthians+4:20&version=NKJV
2. Attempts at control through words can be akin to witchcraft
3. Power comes from being in agreement with God, and in agreement with the free wills of other people

II. “Fear Porn”

A. Poke and a peek to learn about false flags

1. Don’t dwell on it

B. Events & rumors

1. Public shooters
2. Project Camelot earthquake / tsunami
3. Olympic terror potential (commercial clips)

C. Hold to hope, though there is a continuation of the status quo (Paul Ryan)

1. Fulford says significant events delayed until fall

Fulford’s August 7 Blog Video

III. Deeper Meaning behind the Black and White Chessboard

A. Evil gets more mileage out of fear of an event than out of the event

1. Chessboard set up to create fear current rather than life current
2. Fifth Element: LOVE

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