Isolation and the Mentality of Lack

I just read today’s kauilapele blog. He wrote a little about a good vibe in the air today resulting from Americans celebrating freedom yesterday.

Walking in our little town, seeing the events trucks breaking down platforms and loading up chairs used during the parade, picnic and fireworks display here, I felt a part of that vibe. And I had my own party glow this morning.

Working on my computer, I tend to be rather isolated much of the time. Sure, I’m on Facebook, and I usually listen to Infowars in the morning, so I don’t feel completely alone during the day. And most days I get to spend time with 3-4 family members. But, considering the agrarian community life lived by most Americans until the last two or three generations, our modern lifestyle leaves us isolated.

Even when we are with people, we are texting, we are gaming, or we are preoccupied, worried and stressed. As a result, we are isolated from those we are with: “Together All Alone,” as the song says.

But yesterday, we set aside the urgent for the important: a party.

Yes, a party is important. A party can change your outlook. A party can let you know you are not alone. A party can draw you out of the hamster wheel we are often on in our heads, processing the same thoughts over and over, hoping that the next time we process we will arrive at a different conclusion that will give us hope for the future.

This morning, although nothing but my outlook has changed, I felt more optimistic. I felt more hope. I was not running a budget in my head, figuring out how to best use money and time. I was not feeling pinched by lack.

God said “It is not good for man to be alone” and He made Eve, so Adam would not have to be alone. Some have speculated that Adam was so engrossed in his responsibilities with the garden that Eve began to feel alone, and that loneliness made her vulnerable to being misled by the snake.

That can’t be proven, but it does make sense. Isolation can lead to depression, irrational fears and paranoia. We know that the social engineers contrive methods for isolating us and making us fear one another so we will not seek the relationships that are meant to fill a fundamental human need for human company.

It is not good to live alone

There are many ways to fight evil. Here are a couple: when someone invites you to a party, go! And if nobody invites you to a party, have one!

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