Ignorance: Not Nature, Not Nurture: Marketing

If you have seen the film Idiocracy, this should be a very simple concept for you. Granted, the film begins with an intelligent couple discussing their wish to wait to have children until the markets are better, and a coupe who values book learning a bit less expressing a willingness to have more children, implying that intelligence is born of genetics.

Food Pyramid from Brawndo Marketers

Considering the two couples, I would guess that the more intelligent–or perhaps more privileged–couple has made their decision to wait to have children based on ideas fed them by marketers. They might be considered DINKS (dual income, no kids), the people known to have the most disposable income. Marketers love DINKS and are happy enough when they don’t need to get through Ks to get to the DIs.

Regarding the other couple, children are one of the great joys of life, and it is little wonder that less advantaged people wish to have more of them to brighten otherwise dark lives. They were following the path chosen by generations upon generations of human beings. We must be educated or marketed out of the desire to have children; it is a natural desire, and the course we are meant to follow.

Who has children? For the most part, those who want them.

What determines the course of the lives of those children? They inherent physical traits from parents (nature). The atmosphere in the home might be set by parents (nurture). The greatest likelihood is that the one who sets the tone of the children’s lives is the TELEVISION (marketing).

Let’s think of the food pyramid. Brawndo is marketed–in this fictional instance by the FDA–as meeting the largest portion of physical need. Following that, the other food groups are grease, caffeine, smokes and convenience.

The decisions made by the generations which led to the long decline of the human race toward Idiocracy had to do with believing what they were told–by marketers: drink Brawndo; eat Carl’s Jr.; when you aren’t drinking Brawndo, drink Starbucks.

The American public has become accustomed to taking cues regarding how to live from marketers. Professionally, marketers are cold and calculating, with one goal in mind. That goal is not to improve the human condition or see people happy or prosperous, but, rather, to SELL them products.

For a few generations now suggestions regarding how to live have come from first advertisers, and, more recently, from “marketers” heavily armed with scientific data that give them access to our deepest drives, making us vulnerable to their manipulation. People die early from eating fast food, and smoking cigarettes. The people made the decisions to eat and drink, and they bear their own consequences. Occasionally the fast food restaurants and tobacco companies bear a part of the consequences. But the advertisers and marketers who slice and dice the human psyche to determine how to get us to eat the fast food and smoke the cigarettes walk away, without consequence, counting their money.

To break free, to blossom and grow as humanity rather than sliding to the ignorance levels of Idiocracy, we must be aware of the irresponsible quest for cash that is being practiced by marketers. We must resist the seduction of advertisers who have burrowed into our deepest hopes and desires.

How can we be so strong and wise? We can stop giving them access to us. We can turn off the television; we can turn off the radio. We can select, screen and filter what we hear and see, and what our children hear and see.

We can tear ourselves away from marketing and give nature and nurture a chance to see the human condition improved.

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