Pearls of Liberty May 5, 2012

Apologies if you tried to view our video earlier. YouTube rejected it for length, though we have been approved for uploading longer videos for over a year. I uploaded it via another account, and, voila, here it is. Enjoy!

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May 5, 2012

I. Follow leaders cautiously, not blindly

A. Result: former opposition of regional government now supporting legislation to clean it up This is an acknowledgement of validity, and followers have been led off the path

II. Secret Service Assassination Attempt

III. Layers of Deception

A. Don’t make the mistake of believing you have reached the truth

1) Illustration of Constitution as corporate charter under COL

B. There is opposition at each level, both to learning and to disseminating

1) Opposition is not an indication of reaching the bottom layer

C. You can choose to stop at any layer; but why?

IV. Ron Paul Update (include screen shot of map)

V. White Buffalo Slaughter

VI. 1213 – 1215 Significant Events and Influences in Pairs

Liberty Flix Picks

A. Gladiator: Republic vs Empire

1) Russell Crowe

B. Robinhood: Republic vs Empire

C. William Schoenbelen Vid

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