Pearls of Liberty April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

I. The Kingdom of God is within you

A. Free people must have internal guidance

II. Tim Turner Comments

A. Drake

B. Coming changes: prepare

1) Stay home & take care of your family

C. Cold turkey from media pablum

III. Duality / Lack

A. There is no lack

B. Duality makes us believe there are winners and losers, but we are not in a zero sum game

Liberty Flix Picks (Separate video that can be seen Monday, April 23 at

A. Affliction (anger in abused sons)

B. Puncture (puncture-safe needles for hypodermics)

C. Transsiberian (drugs on the train)

D. Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin story)

E. Salt of the Sea (Palestinian homeland)

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Assassination Games; Bad Company; Shades of Fear

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