Pearls of Liberty March 10, 2012

Pearls of Liberty March 10, 2012

I. Obama’s Last Days as Pres? Articles of Impeachment News Blackout

A. Coup d’├ętat: treasonous statement to Congress that UN can move US military B. Sheriff Arpaio, CBS vid, birther info

C. Andrew Breitbart

D. Other impeachable behavior 1. Fast & Furious scandal 2. Meeting with Bilderbergers

II. Kony 2012 & Wag the Dog

A. US war machine IS the world’s great ill, not the cure for it

B. Distraction from internal political issues such as Obama

C. Wag the Dog: Kony is not nearly as bad as crimes perpetrated by US gov

III. Fulford: March 31 Deadline for Criminals to Be Turned in

A. High level resignations & detainments (177 resignations as of yesterday)

B. Restructure of world economic system

C. NESARA & prosperity packages

D. Fulford: “If you own stock in Monsanto sell it now”; will we see the end of chemtrails?

V. Pirl Culture

A. A Good Day for It

B. The Paper Chase

C. The Guilty

D. Swimming with Sharks

E. The Grifters

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