Pearls of Liberty March 3, 2012

Kris Vallotton prophetic word about restoration of the US and help from China:

I have a sense that our country is improving. I had this vision of God blowing or breathing on this continent as Jesus breathed on His disciples and said,”receive the Holy Spirit.” It wasn’t a suggestion, but a command. I saw the nation turning blood red from the east coast to the west coast. It was the redemptive nature of forgiveness being assimilated into the ground…and out of the soil souls were emerging like soldiers in a battlefield.. Dead bones were coming to life. They were dressed for battle in different realms. Some had expensive business suits and others were dressed like doctors, teachers and so forth. They all were given secret messages that they read and then ate. The message transformed them and equipped them for their mission. Revelation was released over the nation and inventions and innovations were spring up all over like the first week of Spring. Pennsylvania was highlighted as if a major breakthrough was raising from there. Instead of 2 towers, 3 towers were being built as a sign of the strength of our economy being supported by a 3 cord strand. I felt a warning that many would look at the political climate to determine the condition of the country, but the signs of revival would not flow from the White House, but to it. Hope would not arise from polls, but from the people. This was a people movement that swept the globe, turning the planet a deep purple.

I saw the Lord blowing freezing cold air over Iran and North Korea etc. It created impossible conditions for war. He literally froze their war machines…it was a political climate change equal to the fall of the iron curtain.

I saw that God had already released Daniels into China, and humility and generosity would spring up from from the East. God called it a “helping movement”. I saw China would be given the “gift of helps” for the world. God was hugging centuries of brokenness out of them.

There was much more – but every country that was bent on war was frozen…the climate was suddenly and unpredictably changed. It was weird but good.

I heard the words ,”singing revolution.”

Pearls of Liberty March 3, 2012

I. Andrew Breitbart Death

A. Video linking Obama to Communists

B. Obama treasonous behavior

II. Ian Garland put in solitary confinement after changing his plea to not guilty

III. Ron Paul Attack on Romney

A. Contrary is false rumor

IV. Need for Global Financial Reset

A. Resignations globally

B. US news blackout (check NESARA, Fulford blog, David Wilcock website

V. Pirl Culture

A. Monarchy

B. The Lincoln Lawyer

C. Formosa Betrayed

D. The Lazarus Project

E. Point Blank

F. The Escapist

G. Incident at Oglala

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