Pearls of Liberty February 11, 2012

Pearls of Liberty February 11, 2012

I. Ron Paul CPAC

A. Strategy of delegates

B. Known racist at CPAC (sabotage?) Mike Papantanio

II. Fulford Blog

A. Ken Cousens quote: “There is a new financial system in place”

B. Devaluation of the dollar (33%?) [article and link]

C. Preparation made for societal breakdown: NDAA & FEMA Camps

D. David Wilcock: Divine Cosmos Financial Tyranny

III. Lyndon Laruche

A. Won’t back Ron Paul (Glass Stiegel) (FDR)

IV. Iraq War Drums (Fulford says NO WAR)

A. Good guys in Pentagon rumored to be opposing war

V. CA county legislation to allow property owners to do what they wish with their property

A. In a cohesive society people do things to encourage and solicit support for businesses

VI. Madonna superbowl show & illuminati symbolism

VII. Pirl Culture

A. Senna

B. Agora

C. The Double

D. Doctor Zhivago

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