“Smiling Faces…

…Pretend to be your friend;
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within

–The Temptations

“The devil’s chariot is pulled by people who think they’re saints”
–Alex Jones

What is that thing?

Most of those who study the evil elite estimate that they compose about 1% of the population. On average, most people know a few hundred people. That means you probably know a few of the evil elite. One of them may be your boss, your attorney or doctor, or your child’s principle at the Christian school. Really. Now, you didn’t think churches or pseudo-church groups would be safe havens against wolves, did you? Those sheep are the ones most fattened and ready for slaughter. There are wolves a-plenty among them.

Naturally I don’t want you to stumble through your life, suspicious of everyone and scared. Perfect love casts out all fear. Don’t be scared! Walk in love.

But at the same time I want to give you a li’l clue so you might have a better idea of who you are dealing with when you decide to trust a pastor or an accountant. Though some of this information comes from research, much of it is neither objective nor scientific. I have observed some things that I now take as a clue and I’m sharing those observations with you.

First of all, don’t assume that because someone seems to struggle with life issues that they are really down in the struggle with you. I believe that for the most part, though they are given a leg up from time to time, the elite (or at least their minions whom you are likely to encounter) must push through some of the other barriers through which we all come. In The Devil’s Advocate the devil character tells his son played by Keanu Reeves that he couldn’t make it easy for him. He had to come up through the struggle. Though the elite often inherit businesses or money from family, I believe at a certain level they have to be able to stand on their own.

Another aspect of the evil elite–and / or their minions–that might tend to mislead nice people is that they are quite sincere in the belief that what they are doing is right. If they wrung their hands and laughed over evil plans we would recognize them and the effectiveness of their plans would be diminished. No. They can manage to look like us: nice, sincere, concerned brothers and sisters. How do they do this?

They are devoted to an ideal. They even have a faith they follow. And they believe their quest is a sacred one. Surely you don’t think global domination can be arrived at by a group of directionless wanderers with no goals. They have concrete, well-developed goals and they work toward them vigorously. Think of them like very well-connected Mormons with a lot on the line. I don’t want to get into specifics of their religion here. Look up the work of Fritz Springmeier and others to learn more.

Another way to recognize the elite is that, though they may ostensibly–or even truly–help those around them (most often those of lower stature), they always benefit. They may pay their workers just a little less than comparable company owners; they may have hidden vices that prey upon those they portend to “help”; they may simply gain tremendous influence that allows them to craft policy in ways that promote their agenda. But any time they seem to give they will get something in return for it, and if you are not careful, the thing they may get may be a diminishment of your soul, life, possessions or station.

If the person is older or more established, he or she will likely have a wake of broken people, lives, careers, dreams and even possibly churches or companies behind him or her. You may not be able to easily see this wake unless you know how and where to look. These people have the ability to buy the silence of the injured or their survivors.

Here is another, somewhat more practical and substantial clue. This one is more scientific. If a person is truly a member of the Illuminati he / she as well as his / her family will likely step out once or twice a week in the middle of the night. Svali, a reformed Illuminati member, has said that the group has regular training meetings a couple of times a week beginning around 2 or 3 AM. I suppose if you are a night owl and really want to know if someone is a ranking member you could learn by, well, stalking–not that I am advocating stalking or any sort of illegal activity.

Another means Svali suggested for recognizing members of the Illuminati is that, because they live one sort of life in the light of day and another sort of life in the darkness, they sometimes have difficulty reconciling the two aspects of their lives. This difficulty can manifest as such things as alcoholism or other addictive behavior.

And yet another characteristic I might suggest is some sort of psychological or emotional upset around the age of thirty. Those under mind control often begin to come out of their programming around this time of life, so if some of the other characteristics seem to be present in a person or family, depression or other similar difficulties might mean involvement is more likely.

I hope anyone who reads this will understand that I don’t believe any sort of witch hunt is a good idea. I have written these ideas so you might be wiser and better able to protect yourself and your family.

Many of the signs about which I have written are an indication of something not quite right in any circumstances, even when there is no association with a larger evil group or plan. Think highly enough of yourself to avoid anyone who treats you poorly or is an inadequate or disrespectful friend.

If there is a smiling face near you that is hiding evil or even a few seemingly harmless lies, exercise caution. Don’t let yourself be blindly sacrificed on the altar of someone’s ego or promotion.

Being cruel or mean is not necessary either. Don’t become what you behold. The evil person may feel caught–probably does feel caught in one respect or another. There is no law against any of the fruit of the Spirit, and in showing love and mercy you will be less likely to cross over to the dark side (remember what the evil emperor said to Luke in trying to draw him to the dark side of the force: “…Feel the hate rise within you…”). But justice is important too, and so, especially, is your safety and that of your family. You have a God-given right to exist and do well.

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