Do You Want to Be a Human Shield?

How would you like to have been a nice, well intentioned German supporting the war effort in Nazi Germany circa maybe two years before Hitler began attacking everyone? What do you suppose the moral obligations were related to supporting that war effort?

Actually, being alive in the US now is not like being in Nazi Germany before the war began. Why?

Because the US has been attacking other sovereign nations at will since the mid-1960s. Yes. And for gain of the wealthy elite (not the 1%-ers; these people have offshore accounts and foundations so that they never pay any taxes).

So how do you like it?

How do you like having your hard-earned tax money (and the income tax is neither Constitutional nor lawful, by the way) taken to pay to give dominance to oil companies? How do you like sending your boyfriends, husbands, sons and grandsons to protect the interests of and extend the empires of European-based (and some American) bankers? How do you like having every single aspect of your life an open book to government authorities via cameras that can watch you virtually everywhere?

You are a human shield. So is virtually everyone you love‚Äďas well as everyone you hate.

Do you think you are following your dreams; working toward your goals? If that is so, you should have gotten a bit closer, yes? How many of your dreams have been shattered by loss through illness, through loss of employment, through loss of value of your investments, through inability to keep up with increasing interest rates, through tax audits or demands for payment you were not equipped to fight? Do you think these things randomly happen? Do you think they are a part of life? Do you think they are a part of the human condition? What two things are said to be unavoidable? Death and taxes. But taxes are not inherently a part of the human condition. There have been free human societies with no taxes.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine a society with no interest, with no taxes, with no shipping of jobs offshore? What might you be able to achieve? What might we all together be able to achieve? This is the sort of life the founding fathers of the US envisioned for us all. Perhaps for a time it was like that.

What changed? Many things changed, but as I began to write I mentioned Nazi Germany. In some ways it is as if our country (the US) has taken on the characteristics of Nazi Germany. How might this have happened? It might have something to do with the fact that more than 200 elite Nazi scientists came to the US following WWII, were installed in premiere American institutions, and given carte blanche to continue their research.

You–or your parents and grandparents–provided a financial foundation through your tax dollars upon which these mad scientists continued to build their twisted form of society. They and others with a twisted view of life have been working behind the scenes to limit your freedom and funnel your life resources (the fruits of your labors; the fruits of your wombs; your life force and ability to create) into their evil schemes.

i don’t use the word ‘evil’ lightly. Random selfishness and hedonism can not fully explain the behavior we witness in those who wish to control other people. I realize it sounds cliched, but this behavior is, well, demonic. M. Scott Peck’s book, People of the Lie, explains how people are sometimes intentionally and devotedly evil.

These evil people believe they are better than you. I suppose that they believe this at least partly because they know about you and your life, but you do not know about theirs. You do not know about theirs at least partly because you are nice and cannot conceive of someone so evil. But the fact that they believe they are better than you gives them license–or so they believe–to suck off your resources: psychic vampires.

So your life becomes a sacrifice on the altar of their megalomaniacal schemes. They use the US to conquer their enemies–and their enemies are the nations / people who refuse to accept the financial and political dominance of the bankers and social engineers. They hide behind US soldiers, US political offices, US tax dollars. They hide behind you.

Like it or not, you are a human shield.

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