Critical Mass

So evidently we dodged a bullet with that whole Nibiru / Elenin thing so far. But don’t sigh and relax yet. Oh, no, not yet. The Mayan calendar ends on October 28. Don’t look now, friends, but that is this coming Friday. What do you suppose will happen? Something? Nothing?

You know, probably not nothing. I mean, something will happen in the world. Well, lots of stuff will, right? Will any of it be significant?

I don’t think we always recognize the truly significant things that happen. Like, for instance, when Jesus was born there were only a few who were awake and aware, so to speak. There were his parents. There were the shepherds who knew because angels told them. There were the astrologers (wise men) who had read the signs in the heavens. And there were Anna and Simeon. And I guess you would have to acknowledge that John the Baptist’s parents knew something special was going on. But other than that, not many. Oh, yeah: Herod was aware and responded by killing probably thousands of little boys. Why do megalomaniacs so easily go to that killing thing? But I digress.

The idea under consideration is whether something significant (like significant enough to warrant the end of the calendar) is going to happen Friday. I frankly don’t have a strong opinion, though I lean toward the likelihood that the world won’t end just yet. There is some crazy stuff going on though. [My comments are here, and videos recording the crazy stuff follow my comments.]

Implementation of Cashless Society

For one thing, according to Alex Jones on his show today, people are having trouble getting their money out of banks. This can’t be good, right? Alex said that people who want to withdraw a few thousand dollars from their bank (like $5k) have been met with all sorts of opposition. Banks want to give some sort of check for deposit to another bank.

At the same time and in a related circumstance, the State of Louisiana recently passed a law that says nobody buying used goods may pay cash. Stop and think for a minute of the implications, because I don’t want to have to spell them out for you. Please comment if you don’t feel threatened by these two developments and I will tell you why you should. Well, OK, maybe not threatened, because you have FAITH, right? Still, these are interesting mile posts on this strange journey on which our heretofore free country is evidently on.

Glory Cloud at Bethel

Something else rather significant has happened, is happening, and might happen again this Friday–or any time, really. A glory cloud has appeared a few times at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We happened to be in Redding visiting Bethel the weekend this cloud appeared, though we weren’t at the particular meeting when it did. Do I think it’s real? Absolutely. Do I believe it’s from God? Completely. Do I know what it means? Well, not specifically. I think it means God loves us. I think it means God is as near to us as our next breath; our past breath, really, the one that is already inside us and melded with us. And I think there is a more vibrant atmosphere than there was the last time I visited–though I always love to go there.

Does it mean that God is coming back for us? Sure. Jesus said He would. He said He would come soon. He will come soon. Is soon this week or this month or this year? I do not know. Just be ready. Keep the oil in your lamp. You know, stay in the anointing, stay in a place of faith, and remember the joy of the Lord is your strength. Let perfect love cast out all fear from you, and then turn and love others in a way that will serve to cast fear out of them. You know, you might have bad theology, you might accidentally celebrate some holiday that has pagan origins, you might mess up in some measure. But if you have love you are living God’s nature. Paul really wanted to get things right and teach other people to get things right, but he wrote, “The goal of our instruction is love…”

As Bob Dylan sang, “Jesus said ‘be ready, for ye know not the hour in which I come'” Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Significant Progress in the Republic

The Republic for the united States is making some very real progress toward becoming effective on a much larger scale. I don’t even know how to write to describe the encouragement I received at a meeting of the CA Assembly this past weekend.

I guess one important point to draw out is the fact that the Cherokee Republic is ready to enter a treaty with the Republic for the us. This means the Republic will be officially recognized by a Republic that is officially recognized, which makes it all rather official. There was also a statement that the necessary documents were submitted to the Hague. Rep folk have been waiting for this for a long time.

A viable alternative to the de facto corporation posing as the US government is nearly, well, viable. See vid for details.

Each of these three things: a crumbling foundation of the way of life to which we have become accustomed in the US; an outpouring of Holy Ghost anointing about to pour out, and an alternative to de facto tyranny called The Republic for the united States are all reaching critical mass. Is it the end of the calendar or the end of the age? I don’t know. Watch the videos and see what you think.

Cashless Society Vid: see 7:15:

Glory Cloud vid (there are lots more on YT):

Vid that explains the Republic:

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