The Whole Alien Thing

According to me

I guess we dodged a bullet this week. We were supposed to have a comet or an alien attack or something but it didn’t happen. Phew. A friend told us it didn’t happen because the Colorado and Virginia secret underground bases were blown up. Yeah, you know, the earthquakes weren’t really earthquakes. The signatures were all wrong. Evidently the elite had space ships and other equipment hidden in those underground bunkers. Yes,¬†they were going to use them to fake an alien invasion. Or they were going to use them to fake destruction from Comet Elenin. Or something.

Yes, this blog might have a few “or something”s in it.

There might be aliens. Sure, there probably are, with so many stars and planets and so on. I like CS Lewis’ space trilogy–I know, not many people do. Call me weird. Oh. You already did? I can live with that.

Two women wrote books about their experiences as MK Ultra Project Monarch slaves. They both said that, though there may be aliens, what most of the evil elite rulers–whose slaves the women were–talked about regarding aliens were plans to cause the appearance of aliens, and use that as an excuse to further their evil plans via something like imposing martial law and herding us into internment camps for our “safety”. Yeah. Just like the Nazis wanted the Jews safe. Sure.

So, yeah, I am not too scared that we will have an Independence Day type of invasion. But, sure, there may be aliens.

Honestly, I think most of what people like David Icke refer to as aliens, Dracos, reptilians and the like, are what I and many Christians would refer to as demons or fallen angels. I learned a lot about these reading one of my favorite non-fiction books, Ask for the Ancient Paths by Jessica Jones.

There are four or five books I would strongly recommend to anybody trying to untangle the sticky web of evil woven by the elite. No, they aren’t about aliens. But I promise you they will register very high on what Will Smith’s character in Men in Black called a “weird-shit-o-meter”. Yet they are true.

Ask for the Ancient Paths; this book provides a window on the eternal struggle that drives evil. Lucifer is a fallen angel who wants to indefinitely postpone Judgment Day so he can avoid the lake of fire created for eternal punishment. He chiefly tries to do this by messing with mankind to prevent us from fulfilling our holy destiny. This book (some of our good friends call it “THE BOOK”) is best read within the context of an understanding of foundational Biblical principles. If you lack this context, go ahead and read THE BOOK, and then read THE BOOK and have the blanks filled in for you.

Thanks for the Memories the Truth Has Set Me Free
by Brice Taylor gives great insight into not only the MK Ultra mind control Project Monarch, but also into the workings of the secret world of megalomaniacs who seek to control the world. Would you like the title explained? Brice was owned by Bob Hope who loved to sing Thanks for the Memories.

Trance Formation of America by Cathy Obrien is very similar to Brice Taylor’s account of being a Presidential Model mind controlled sex slave. Both books will shatter any illusions you had about recent US presidents being noble men. Cathy’s book will help you understand the origins of AIDS, and how Iran Contra was and is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to foreign policy.

They Own It All Including You by Means of Toxic Currency by Ron McDonald. This book can help you understand the legal and financial aspects of the prison you inhabit.

My final recommendation is not actually a book, but a series of blogs called Inside the LC (Laurel Canyon) by Dave McGowan. Warning: this series of blogs will shatter any illusions you had about creativity, peace and love giving birth to such bands as The Doors, CSNY, Mothers of Invention and several other exalted musical groups that grew up in SoCal in the late 60s and early 70s. Most of the “rebels” were actually Naval intelligence brats. You do know what that means, right?

Will you learn about aliens from reading these books? No. At least not much. But you will learn about people who want to mess with your mind to the degree that you have a difficult time distinguishing reality from illusion. Once you become aware of the deception you will be better equipped to recognize it and resist it.

Resistance IS NOT futile!

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