Closing Silver Shorts

Wow. I guess the big banks that are holding huge short positions are having a good day. Imagine that. Yes, I know gold is down too. This all sure looks like market manipulation. Hold onto your hats. Don’t do anything stupid. When the short positions close the price will get a bump.

Personally, I like to see silver down–though I hold some. I would like to hold more, so this is a good time to buy. Also, I make jewelry and I love to use silver. With silver prices high I have been forced to begin to paint with water color to have a creative outlet. If silver goes down enough I may be making some jewelry as Christmas gifts 😀

Yes, this post is light-hearted in a serious time. Never fear, this afternoon, after I get some household chores accomplished, I will write something DEEP. In the meantime, perfect love casts out all fear, so love and know you are loved!

Here’s a link to the silver chart at

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