Pearls of Liberty September 3-4, 2011

September 3, 2011

I. China

A. Arms build up

B. Long terms strategy and naivete of Americans


V. America hunters: largest standing army in the world

A. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia


II. Ron Paul / Bruce Fein

A. Elite set long-term traps

III. Libya / Syria: Henry Kissinger dominoes continue to fall

A. Libya genocide: rebels vs blacks

IV. Gibson Guitar

A. Suggestion to move to Malaysia

B. Affront to American businesses

VI. Hurricane Irene

A. Dutchsinse showed HAARP activity, but was nevertheless downgraded to 1

Dr. Noa shared about Fukushima
Doctor You as alternatives to conventional, expensive, dangerous health care

VIII. Pirl Culture

A. 21 Grams

B. Restoration

C. The Darwin Awards

D. Malcolm X

Trivium Education Home


In the Spirit of Enlightenment


Welcome to California Skywatch

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