Separating Man from Nature

The deception inherent in Agenda 21

On my walk this morning I saw something beautiful. I saw some white roses on a field of ivy. Somehow it triggered thoughts about “rewilding,” the UN plan to return 50% of the US to the pre 1492 (you read that right) state of the land–without, of course, returning it to Native Americans because they are people, and NO PEOPLE WILL BE ALLOWED. No joke. Look it up yourself under “Agenda 21 rewilding map image” or go here.

People, under UN Agenda 21, are meant to live in 3 story grey buildings near transportation to their meaningless jobs of providing basic necessities for the elite and spying on one another to be sure everyone remains an obedient slave. [Already our economy has a substantial segment related to the military, and in police-state based jobs. Around half of the people of the US are on the government payroll or dole.]

Why this push to separate man from nature? I think it is so we will stop thinking about God and believing in Him. When I saw the white roses on the green ivy I thought about Agenda 21 because that would take such scenes away from me. But beyond that I thought about God because He made roses and He made ivy, and His life pulses in those lovely creations.

Paul wrote in the Book of Romans (1:20) that things that are made by God teach us about His nature. If we cannot see things made by Him–trees, mountains, wild rivers, beasts and desserts–learning about His nature will be circumvented.

God will always find us; He will always speak to us. But evil wishes to separate us from Him and deny us of His voice in nature as much as possible.

Preserving nature is positive. Separating us from it is not.

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