Esoteric Knowledge, Ley Lines & Power Grabs

Rick Perry’s grab for prayer power to serve a hidden agenda

What I really wish to communicate is this: the power released when Christians pray is real and holy; but it can be coerced to serve evil agendas. Balaam is a sort of example of this. He was an Old Testament prophet. He was evidently accurate, he evidently heard from God, and God evidently listened to his prayers. But he could be hired by bad guys. His gift was real. His ability to hear from God was real. His heart was not quite true. Read all about it in Numbers 22. If you love drama just read the Old Testament.

But there’s plenty of drama to be found in “modern times,” in what is going on in the banks and the streets and the grocery stores–and the churches (or “prayer rallies”). Actually, we think of ourselves as living in modern times. I’m not sure there is any such thing.

Don and I have been watching some vids from a series called The Pyramid Code. Evidently it is likely that the Ancient Egyptians derived electrical power from the Pyramids, in a similar way to which Nicola Tesla meant to make wireless electricity freely available based on the flow of water into and out of underground aqueducts. The technology was fully developed by Tesla, and worked. Oil barons simply stifled it because they couldn’t control it and who would pay for oil if they could have free electricity? We are charged for many things that were meant to be free.

In watching the pyramid videos I became intrigued with the idea of ley lines, lines along which electro magnetic power (the good kind, not the kind generated by electronic equipment) travels. I did a little research. Esoteric groups seem to value these ley lines very highly. So highly, in fact, that they are still kept rather secret. They are the preferred locations for masonic temples and other buildings considered significant by occultists.

For a moment I want to consider the word occult. It means hidden. Things that are hidden may be a threat. They can’t be defined or effectively defended against because, being hidden, they can’t be evaluated. Once they are brought into the open they can be dealt with. If evil or hurtful, they can be judged and punished–and destroyed. If beautiful or effective they can be made widely accessible. Many things are hidden in our current culture. Some of them are the darkest evil threats. Some of the hidden things are health secrets and secrets for producing electrical power and other resources that have the potential to spark a bright age of man unlike anything we have seen. Exposing that which is hidden is a holy mission. The Book of Proverbs says that it is the glory of God to hide a matter and the glory of kings to seek it out. We must now all be as kings, seeking out that which has been hidden.

Ley lines are rather hidden. Knowledge of them, their power and potential, is occult. They are scientific facts, and probably were used by the Romans to make their marvelously straight roads. Knowledge of them could likely benefit mankind as a whole. But do a search for an accurate ley line map of the US. They are hidden. Any power they have has been usurped and, rather than serve mankind, that power serves a precious few elite. The power of ley lines has been grabbed and remains hidden under strict control. Whatever the masons know about them that leads them to build their structures upon them is occult knowledge.

Ley lines are only an example. Any and all sorts of true power are usurped by evil that seeks ultimate control. We see a fictional example of this in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In this fictional account the Nazis wanted to seize the power of the Ark, even while slaughtering the people to whom that power had been originally bequeathed.

There is a power play on to usurp and direct the power of Christian faith in the US. Ostensibly–or at least on the surface–Rick Perry’s play is for votes and support. But I think there is a deeper and more significant–darker and more threatening–dimension to his prayer rally held in Texas last weekend. I believe he is making a play for the power of Christian faith. I believe that, like Balak tried to hire Balaam to curse Israel, Rick Perry is making a play for Christian prayer support backing.

How much value can this hold for his agenda? How can people of true faith bleed spiritual power in a way that endorses, frames and supports evil? I do not know. I only know that I have seen this oddity at work.

I should mention why I believe Rick Perry serves an evil agenda. It’s very simple. He was invited to and attended the Bilderberg meeting, which strongly indicates their endorsement of his presidency. I’m not getting into the whole Bilderberg thing here, if you are unfamiliar with it, look it up.

But I would like to close by relating some pertinent experiences I have had. They are pertinent to the usurpation of holy spiritual power for the promotion of evil. I have had personal experience with people who come to rather intimate prayer gatherings and somehow suck off (like vampires) Holy Spirit anointing and funnel it into empowering and promoting themselves, while casting others in a bad light. They take prophetic words given by others and twist them into a similar but different meaning that discredits and disclaims the true prophecy. If you let them lay hands on you, you can feel the power drain, like Jesus when the lady with the issue of blood touched Him–only that lady was healed and these vampires will not be. At least not by conventional methods, and not without engaging their own will for repentance and healing, which is HIGHLY unlikely.

Have I confused you? I have been pondering these ideas for days, trying to come up with ways to express them. Feel free to leave a comment if you need further explanation and I will try my best.

In the meantime, I will reiterate: if you are a Christian the power you release when you pray can be misdirected to serve evil ends. Guard your heart; guard your mind; guard your spirit. And don’t believe that every politician (or for that matter preacher) who comes down the pike spouting Christian pablum is really and truly sent by God for you to support.