Pearls of Liberty August 7, 2011

Truth / liberty weekly video news update / commentary.

Outline for this week’s video:

August 7, 2011

I. Debt Ceiling

A. Stock Market

1) Blaming Tea Party
2) Debt could be paid in quarters

B. Council of 13

II. Mexican Cartel / CIA cocaine deal (Sinaloa Cartel)

III. Rawesome raw milk legal action “Food Safety Act”

A. $50K in raw food products

B. Club wherein members own livestock

[Ian; jury system; jury nullification]

IV. News for navy seals team 6 killed: Cover-up

V. Vote Rigging can easily be done with computer virus

VI. Dream Act

A. Multiculturalism a failure

1) Muslims brought to Midwest by State Department

VII. Good News

A. NAFTA supyhwy defeat in TX: coordination

B. Smart meter victory in Maine: Maine court ruled people must be given a choice
Dr. Noa shared about the attack on chiropractic in the 1960s

VIII. Pirl Culture

A. The Missing

B. Murder by Decree

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