Christian Chimeras

Christian – Manchurian GMOs

Yesterday I became aware of a prayer rally given by Rick Perry in Texas. People I respect seem to be rooting for him to become our next US president. I don’t understand how they fail to see that Rick Perry is a designer representation of the perfect Christian candidate.

He, however, is not that candidate. He was Al Gore’s campaign manager. He attended the Bilderberg meeting. I’m not asking you to believe that is significant, I’m simply telling you the truth: it is. He has been hand picked by the banking cartel as the Republican nominee.

Why is that a problem if he is perceived as such a great Christian guy? It’s because he’s not.

Well, I mean maybe he is, in part.

I have noticed some people who seem very nice–who are very convincing as solid Christians. A very good friend whose discernment I deeply trust once met George W. Bush and saw him pray, sincerely and tenderly, for a person in need who crossed his path in a situation that was (or certainly seemed) completely spontaneous. For many, many years I believe GW was indeed a man of deep and true faith. Now I know differently. The evidence has tipped the scales. So how did he–and how does Rick Perry–manage to fool deeply discerning people so thoroughly? There are a couple of possible answers.

The first is that, well, Christians are easy to fool. We want to believe the best of people. We are trusting, we are innocent. We want to think that people are, well, nice. Sometimes they are not.

Over the years, I have noticed that most often, if I have a suspicion, a “bad vibe,” or if I discern that something just isn’t right, something usually isn’t right. I have learned this by stifling and ignoring that sweet Inner Voice Who often tried to warn me, and suffering the consequences, or watching others suffer them. This sort of innocence / naivete can prove dangerous. Wasted years, misdirected lives, failed churches result when we are not watchmen on the walls, or when we do not heed watchmen on the walls; along with the warnings in our dreams, and the voice behind us that says “This is the way, walk ye in it”.

But how, specifically, is it that we are fooled? Nobody is all light or all darkness. We are a blend. But I suspect that doesn’t adequately explain this phenomenon of us sheep following after bad guys.

Could there be Christian chimeras? I submit to you that the bankers might engineer interesting blends of Christian / evil that serve their purposes well. How might this happen? Here are a few thoughts:

1) Custom MPDs. When someone has multiple personalities, one of the personalities could be a nice, Bible believing Christian, and another could be a serial killer. Anyone who had read Brice Taylor’s or Cathy O’Brien’s books–or anyone trained in SOZO ministry–will appreciate the ease with which this could be done.

2) Programmed personality. This is related to MPDs but is a little more specific. Think Manchurian Candidate. What? It’s fiction, you say? Really? See, there’s that dangerous Christian naivete. Look at the world without preconceived ideas, please. Look as objectively as you can and apply all the information you have, then think deductively–and honestly.

These people would have a trigger. Under certain circumstances they might behave one way, and, when triggered, they might behave another way. Again, this is very similar to MPD.

3) They are liars. The devil is the father of all lies. I imagine he has gotten rather good at it, and teaches his minions his tricks.

4) Clones. That’s right. There is speculation that George W. Bush may have actually been three different people. I’m going to put up a vid about that here, so I’ll close my thoughts before the vid.

These are strange days indeed. Don’t believe in the status quo. Believe in the Bible. Believe in the Book of Revalation. You are going to be seeing some strange things. Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss any of them. There will be a quiz later–at the Great White Throne.