Bowing Your Heart to the British Royals

Worship as spiritual currency

“We have an investment in blood”. That’s what the Haitian priest said in The Devil’s Advocate when he was explaining to his attorney why it was necessary for him to be able to continue to ritually sacrifice animals in the middle of NYC. Then he cast a spell on a prosecuting attorney so that he could not speak against him in court. Yes, this is fiction, but it is based on spiritual principles that are true. Watch it for an education in how evil operates through our legal system.

The first of the Ten Commandments is all about not worshiping someone who is not God. We tend to think this commandment does not apply to us. After all, we don’t have shrines set up in our homes–well, most of us don’t anyway. If we do consider this commandment we mostly think of it in terms of our heart, and what is important to us. That is a significant aspect of this commandment. However, that is not the only significance of it.

lucifer tried to get Jesus to bow down and worship him. Why? What would this accomplish?

Showing obeisance; worshiping; bowing to someone releases spiritual currency. On some level power flows to the object of worship, or to what the object represents. If people worship something or someone dark, darkness is released, and the general atmosphere is less holy. Evil is empowered by misdirected worship.

I realize I am touching some esoteric themes. These ideas are not without science. The study of quantum physics has to do with setting off vibrations which alter influences and thereby circumstances.

Many people beaming love and kindness vibrations will contribute to an atmosphere of light and joy. Many people stumbling about afraid, alone and lonely will darken the atmosphere. I’m not making this stuff up. It’s SCIENCE. Leaders of the illuminati know this. They know that if they can make you afraid of them, believing they are somehow better than you or better qualified to rule the earth, shuffling along, barely subsisting, they will have less trouble controlling you. They will have power over you. Why would you want to empower them by idolizing them?

God, naturally, having instituted the universe, knows exactly how these things work. When He wrote the Ten Commandments He was considering all He knew, as the Creator, about how creation works. He knew that worshiping evil (or non-holy) entities would release forces that would have a negative impact on people. [I should clarify here that evil was not an original part of God’s creation. Free will was, and the free will of some turned to evil. God has a perfect and complete grasp of evil released via free will. Worshiping idols is an expression of this.]

Here’s the bottom line for today: Perhaps the royals enjoying festivities today are not evil. Check out David Icke’s opinions on that one. He has formulated much clearer and better founded thoughts on that than I have. If they are not evil (and the if remains), they are at least not holy.


That’s what a bow is, you know. A bow is an act of worship. John Adams was nearly refused an audience with King George because he did not wish to bow to him. I believe John Adams understood spiritual currency. He certainly understood that tyranny was empowered by a show of worship which implies that someone has a right to rule over us. We need to wake up and recognize the same.

While honor is appropriate in some circumstances, we are not meant to worship people. If the people themselves do not receive the worship, some entity they represent does. And considering quantum physics, we are all better off when those entities are not empowered by worship.

If you are looking for someone to worship, how about Jesus? Worship Jesus.