Candles in the Wind

Marilyn Monroe and Diana Spencer

How broad the implications of these deaths are depends upon whom you believe. Some people consider Marilyn the prototype for Project Monarch mind control sex slaves. Some people consider Princess Diana a and a baby she may have been carrying a satanic ritual sacrifice.

Believing these ugliest of possibilities is not required to feel a great sadness.

I will never, ever forget the morning I learned that Diana died. I didn’t believe at that time in a very deep conspiracy of royals and elites and bankers as I now do, but that morning I knew in my heart that she had been purposely killed. I myself have been an inconvenient person on a very low level, and I know how inconvenient people are dealt with by people of influence, power, wealth, whatever. Inconvenient people are gotten rid of.

I don’t know that much about Marilyn, other than the fact that those familiar with Project Monarch consider her to be the prototype for presidential models. But rumors about her make her appear to be an inconvenient person.

Diana was an inconvenient person. No degree of material comfort, familial pressure or the potential for negative public opinion was enough to manipulate her into remaining in the great stage play that is the life of the British royals.

And I use that term “British royals” loosely. Even if you don’t believe they are Reptilians as David Icke does, you should at least know that they are not in the line of great historical British kings and queens. They are German Hapsburgs. Diana was related to the Stewarts and helped them fortify their claim to the throne of England.

We tend to think we live in modern times and these things no longer happen. The truth is that there is still a very great struggle for dominance of this planet. Like children playing king of the hill, bankers, some royals, high-level politicians and other masters of the universe (so they believe anyway), struggle for dominance–absolute dominance.

God help the innocent and / or vulnerable who get in their way.

I can’t quite bring myself to watch any of the news regarding the royal wedding this week. If I did I know the only thing I would see moving before my eyes would be the lovely Diana. When she married Charles I was riveted to the TV screen as a young mom. Somehow I loved her. Well, really, didn’t we all?

May her successor (her daughter in law, not Camilla) fare better than she did.