DHS Devises New Terror System to Terrorrize the Public

What terrifies you?

As good, law abiding Americans we are supposed to be afraid of Islamic terrorists. To help us be more afraid, the DHS has changed from a color coded terror alert system to a new system. Sorry, guys, were we ignoring you? You had to attract some attention to justify your existence?

So are you afraid of Islamic terrorists? How many have you seen? In the last twenty years, how many have actually done any harm in this country?

Even if you believe Islamic terrorists were responsible for the attacks of 9-11 (and if you do, may you soon wake up), how many similar attacks have their been in the US? Virtually none.

Are you terrorized by air travel? Why? I happen to be a bit afraid of it these days because I hate the feeling of helplessness as I am herded and patted down.

Why does air travel terrorize you? Is it because a lot of people die all at one time? This is not a rational fear. Percentage-wise, not very many people die in airplane crashes. Hardly any die in airplane crashes at the hand of Islamic terrorists. If you want to live life afraid and you are looking for something to be afraid of, there are many better–well, anyway, scarier–things than Islamic terrorists or air travel, or the two combined.

You could be afraid of cancer, or heart attack. Those are the big killers, and odds are most people will die one of these ways. But for something really scary, try this on for size: medical care. That’s right. Did you know that in the US more people die of medical mistakes and accidents than any other single cause?

You may be afraid of dying a fire-y death in an airplane crash. Yes, I would imagine that would definitely hurt. But, God have mercy, have you ever watched anybody die of a wasting disease? It’s like a slow, humiliating, agonizing burning that takes weeks, months or years. And all of the victim’s loved ones watch, helpless.

Maybe you are already afraid of that. Good news: there are cures for virtually all diseases. No, you can’t take a magic pill. You might actually have to change your diet or take a walk now and then. But natural cures are real cures, whereas pharmaceutical “cures” are mostly the taking of very expensive drugs that only address symptoms instead of curing conditions. Many of them are terribly dangerous. Just watch the commercials: “…May cause liver damage, paralysis, nausea, ulcers, suicide, DEATH…” In many cases the cure is worse than the disease.

So, here we are, back to what I think is reasonable to fear: conventional medical care. Here is a little chart showing what is most likely to cause death. This is a composite from various years in the early 2000s. If you would like more details you can email me and request them.

Most likely causes of death
Causes of Death