420 and Drug Culture Freedom Paradoxes

Euphoria; freedom; depression; mind control

Rather than spoil your holiday with a lot of dark thoughts I will simply float some ideas out there.

I completely share the Libertarian view that drugs should not be regulated by a central government. You will never find the feds charged with this responsibility by the Constitution–which was devised for mature, free sovereigns, not a bunch of children who need their hands held at every crucial (and otherwise) moment of life. The Constitution assumes that you are willing and able to take responsibility for yourself. Therefore, the government should not have a need to regulate what you do to your body. You are assumed to have the good sense and self esteem to care for yourself. Please do so.

The Bible says there is a very special river that runs from God’s throne. Along that river grow trees with fruit for food and leaves for healing. As anyone with an interest in 420 likely knows, God made healing leaves. Forbidding access to healing leaves is foolish and wrong.

So that is on one side of the paradoxical thought about drug use in the US.

The other side is that, although many natural drugs are illegal, and the rest are tightly regulated with access restricted by the FDA, the government uses, and manipulates the use of drugs to control society. Now, conservative friends, don’t balk. This is completely and absolutely true. We have already referenced Dave McGowan’s Laurel Canyon story a few times. Read it and weep. Well, some parts will make you laugh too. But learning how the Boomer generation was manipulated away from peace and love and toward oblivion and loveless sex is sad no matter how cleverly the story is told–and Dave tells it cleverly.

In case you want to dig into the origins of 420 there’s a good article on the Huffington Post. Any accurate history of 20th Century recreational drug use will contain statements similar to this: “…The collapse of San Francisco’s hippie utopia in the late ’60s set the stage…Speed freaks, thugs and con artists took over The Haight…” Nice peace loving pot smokers don’t mix well with speed freaks, thugs and con artists. But thugs and con artists are the very human stuff of which the global banking cartel builds its empire.

LSD is for mind control. So is a lot of music. But I don’t want to harsh your mellow (is that how I should say it?) Save Googling the connection between the Grateful Dead and the CIA and reading Dave McGowan’s Laurel Canyon blog for another day. Enjoy 420. Here’s some music from a true freedom fighter–who, as far as I am concerned, was martyred.