Who is Atlas and Why Should I Care if He Shrugs?

More importantly, who was Ayn Rand and why are there foundations to introduce her to young people?

The stated purpose of the foundation is to introduce young people to Ayn Rand. Huh? Why? Who do you know who has foundations to introduce them to young people? As Walter quoted Lenin in The Big Lebowski, “Follow the money…” Who stands to benefit from young people being introduced to Ayn Rand?

Of the twenty-something people I know I would say about half of them have read or are reading Atlas Shrugged. So the foundation is evidently doing its job rather well.

In fairness, I need to state that I have never read the book. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time than read an 1100 page book that isn’t the Bible (no, I’m not ignorant, I do read books, just not this one). As Don said, “Let’s buy the Cliff notes”. We may go see the film, but, frankly, I don’t particularly want to.

Didn’t she also write The Fountainhead? The only thing I know about this book is that in the film Dirty Dancing, Robby, the sleazy waiter, gave Baby a copy and said “Read it, Baby. Some people matter. Some people don’t.” Would it make you feel better about your life to believe you matter more than others? God have mercy on us all, this is not what life is about. Life is not about significance. Life is about love. Love makes us feel significant, but the point is more the relationship than the position.

Ayn Rand was a member of the globalist consortium, being the mistress of one of the Rothschilds, who are the very architects and implementers of a New World Order. Yes, as Christians and other people of love and hope will recognize, the New World Order is the political throne on which the antichrist is meant to sit.

Think now, antichrist: bad; New World Order that will facilitate the rule of the antichrist: also bad; philosophers that are affiliated with New World Order: very likely bad. The Bible says woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Some people have become very, very adept at calling good evil and evil good. You know, like Gordon Gecko: “Greed is good”. Hey! Greed is NOT good. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Globalists DO NOT have your best interest at heart. As Pike said to Buffy in reference to Lothos, the head vampire, “This is NOT a caring nurturer”. In all probability, neither was Ayn Rand. Globalists don’t want to give significance to people like you and me. They consider us cattle.