Still Mourning for Anna Nicole Smith

I was never a fan, really, when she was alive. I heard the bizarre stories. I saw some things on TV. I didn’t understand her bizarre behavior.

When she died I didn’t really believe in mind control slaves. Sure, I had seen The Manchurian Candidate. Yes, I had watched the Fembots in Austin Powers. But those were movies. Why would I think there could really be such a thing?

Anna Nicole is back in the news, thanks to Aphrodite Jones. Is she related to Alex, by the way? Alex Jones says he never talks about anything he can’t prove. I respect and admire him for that. Still, though I can’t prove anything, I feel compelled to write a little about Anna Nicole. Based on writings of women like Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien, Anna Nicole’s life has a lot of the earmarks of the life of a woman under mind control.

Some things about her just don’t feel right, and evidently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Four years after her death people still have serious questions about Anna Nicole’s fate. Just like people still have questions about JFK’s fate, Marilyn Monroe’s fate, Elvis’ fate, Jonbenet Ramses’ fate, Michael Jackson’s fate, Heath Ledger’s fate, and the fate of the Twin Towers. Wow. For a “free” society we sure seem to have a lot of high-level (and I use the term high-level in relation to show biz deaths because entertainment is BIG in our culture, and the means for ongoing brainwashing and mind control) mysteries and secrets.

What do they all have in common? Something. Surely something. And not just the use of drugs.

I think there is a very, very convincing case that Anna Nicole was a mind control slave. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel writing again what good researchers have already uncovered. Instead I’ll drop in a video and give you some links to some compelling information.

This makes me very sad. Now when I see Anna Nicole in The Hudsucker Proxy or old photos I no longer see a gold digger or a kook. I see a little girl whom nobody protected.

Please love and protect your children
Be free,

If you stick with this vid you will learn some things you probably didn’t know

Freeman Perspective
The Mind Control of Anna Nicole Smith


  • There’s no mystery about Anna Nicole’s life and death, “mind control” theory … She was a gold-digger, drug addict who wanted fame and money without hard work, talents, education. She was not naive young girl when she married an oil tycoon Howard Marshall aged 89. After Marshall’s death Anna sued Marshall family demanding $400M though she received $6M in cash, cars, diamonds, etc. Howard Marshall DID NOT mention her in the Will. FBI investigated Anna Nicole in a alleged murder plot against Pierce Marshall, sole heir to Marshall fortune. Mark Hatten, Anna’s ex lover told FBI she wanted to hire him to kill Pierce, but he refused. Aphrodite Jones’ show about Anna/Vickie Hogan was trashy and bad. Anna died as a result of her own bad behavior, personal responsibility. Nobody told her what to do, she made her own choices. She exposed her son to drugs, alcohol, sex . He died as a result of his mother’s irresponsible behavior. Didn’t Birkhead say that Anna’s son stole her methadone and died?

    • I don’t think you understand what a mind control slave is. Usually little girls are traumatized via abuse–and often ritual abuse–from the age of around 18 months. How one could be personally responsible for this is beyond understanding. Try reading Cathy O’Brien’s book, Tranceformation of America and you might have more compassion for such women. You might also be better able to believe that Anna Nicole was one of them.

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