A Little More on Paul / Faul

Sending love to the Nowhere Man

On Sunday I wrote about Paul McCartney being dead. Typically when I write about something I can forget about it to a degree. Not that what I write about becomes any less significant in my mind, but in writing there is a release (which is why I think all truthers should blog, it helps you process). But I have had no release from thinking about Paul, and I think it is because I did not tell enough of the story.

Some months ago I came across the blog with photos of Paul and Faul and so on. I posted a link to that blog in my blog from Sunday, but I didn’t write much about it.

If you watch the film made from the tape allegedly from George Harrison you will learn some things. But I get the feeling that the film–and the tape–are the sort of disinfo meant to quickly and easily satisfy seekers so they stop seeking and assume that they have, at last (or after watching one film on the subject), found the real truth. We can’t work like that. Those who spin carefully crafted webs of deceit know that we are lazy thinkers who tend to be easily satisfied with a bit of knowledge. For instance, want to know what really happened on 911? Just watch this NatGeo documentary and you will know all about it.

Please don’t buy that. The real truth is usually deeper than the layer below the first layer you peel away.

So what is the real truth about Paul / Faul? Probably that MI5 not only covered up his death, but also played a more active role in that death.

There is so much more to the story than George Harrison allegedly told on the tapes. The film is a good place to begin to study this bit of recent history. Please don’t stop there. Please don’t ever stop questioning. The truth is worth finding, and Jesus promised “…He who seeks will find…”

Here are a couple of links to David Icke forums about Paul being dead:


With love for Paul, John, and all you all,