The Punishment that Fits the Crime

The ideal punishment for the bankster elite

I have given some thought to the punishment that should one day be leveled against the elite. The time to decide will come, because these people are less than 4% of the population, and if you, like me, are a Bible gripper, you are aware that evil always comes to an end.

So how do we punish them? We don’t do unto others as they do unto us. We are to show mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

After Saruman was ruined in Lord of the Rings he and Wormtongue were released. They had been stripped of their power for the most part, and they were no longer a significant threat. Naturally Sauron was ruined, but that was really by his own device.

After WWII the Nazis were allegedly punished, but many of the ones considered valuable were rewarded with positions of distinction in US universities and tech institutions. Have you ever wondered why there were so many post WWII movies made about Nazis hiding out? They were here indeed hiding, but had been placed with help from higher-ups in Operation Paperclip.

How does one punish a megalomaniac responsible for the deaths of thousands (or more) of people? In theory I believe in capital punishment, but that might not be most suitable.

Then today the ideal punishment came to me. I watched a Russia Today vid about how Belgium is coming apart (find it at the end of the blog), and how several nations want to secede from the EU. That reminded me of a Risk game, and the difficulty of holding some continents–like Europe, for example.

So that led me to think of the ideal punishment for megalomaniacal mischief: put all of the megalomaniacs (now, how many would have to be decided; how far down the line into the ranks of the minion one would go before one found someone who deserved clemency would remain to be seen) into an underground room. They evidently want to live in underground cities anyway, if one can judge by how they are seeking to upset the earth and make the planet uninhabitable. So, give them rooms underground. Provide for them according to the Geneva Convention. But force them to play a VR (OK, somewhat real with real weapons, so let’s call it ‘enhanced’) Risk game together. Now, in this game, they would themselves have to battle, rather than simply rolling the dice. They would have to physically battle.

Is this torture, do you suppose? They would be exercising their free will to engage in the battles. And they might be quite happy. Isn’t this competition for world domination, after all, what they want?

Enjoy the vid and join me in dreaming of the day when these type of decisions will be made.