Evidently, Paul Really Is Dead…

…According to a tape allegedly by George Harrison, and, yes, MI 5 (British equivalent to the CIA) was involved. Are we awake yet?

This weekend we happened to notice a little gem on Netflix: Paul McCartney Really Is Dead; the Last Testament of George Harrison.

I am not a huge fan of documentaries, but the film is well worth watching. The clues this tape claims the Beatles left in their album artwork and in the backmasking in their music are remarkable. The details are so many and fit so well that it is difficult to imagine someone could have dreamed this up.

Why is it significant that Paul might well be dead, and have been dead since the mid-sixties? It is simply one more deception to which we as the public have been subjected. If true, we can see how long deceivers have been practicing on us, so they have their craft perfected for such modern-day Big Lies as the bombing of the Trade Towers having been accomplished by Islamic terrorists and the supposed randomness of the giant earthquake in Japan (yes, Benjamin Fulford has reported that the giant whirlpool may have been caused by a nuclear blast to the ocean floor engineered to send a tsunami crashing into Japan).

You know, though I love truth and exposing people to truth, I don’t really like shattering illusions. Watch the film for yourself and see what you think.

Here is an interesting website on the idea as well:
Paul Really Is Dead Part 1